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Celebrate our achievements!

On these pages you will find out about achievements of Volleyballer's in our area.

If you have some good news to share, please send it to the TVVA for inclusion here.

May 2006 - NEVA Ian Berry Tournament - Results

Ladies - all Ladies including National League

Todays comp  Marske Grangefield Haughton Nunthorpe DSS Hebburn pts Position
Marske   26/20 24/30 28/23 27/26 18/30 123 3
Grangefield 20/26   29/26 27/24 20/26 15/21 111 6
Haughton 30/24 26/29   30/22 32/17 30/20 148 1
Nunthorpe 23/28 24/27 22/30   28/24 19/33 116 4
DSS 26/27 26/20 17/32 24/28   22/24 115 5
Hebburn 30/18 21/15 20/30 33/19 24/22   128 2
Ladies final todays competition              
Hebburn Haughton              
128 148              
ladies final league ( whole year competition) PTS  
Haughton Nunthorpe Marske Grangefield Prior Tynedale Newcastle Uni Middlebrough College
20 17 15 11 8 8 4 3  

Open - excluded National League (Men)

Pool A  total points     Pool B total points
Marske 66   Tynedale 74
Grangefield 73   Dss 71
Tynedale 2 67   Haughton 83
South Tynesiders 73   Nunthorpe 60
Semi finals  
Semi A Semi B  
Grangefield Tynedale Haughton South Tyneside  
27 21 31 18  
Grangefield Haughton      
28 23      

Trophy - National League Players

NEVA Cup - Elite              
 Mbro College South Tynesiders Haughton Nunthorpe Newcastle pts Position
Middlesbrough College   34/24 22/30 26/34 22/23 104 3
South Tynesiders 24/34   17/39 13/44 20/37 64 5
Haughton 30/22 39/17   26/26 33/26 128 2
Nunthorpe - Middlesbro Mavericks 34/26 44/13 26/26   30/24 134 1
Newcastle 23/22 37/20 26/33 24/30   97 4
NEVA Cup Final            
Nunthorpe - Middlesbrough Mavericks Haughton            
26 27            

Spirit of the Tournament

Awarded to the South Tynesiders

May 2006 - Nunthorpe Eagles Volleyball Club gain EVA Volley Mark 1 Accreditation - The first NE club to gain accreditation and only the eighth in the country. This award is recognition that the club is a safe and responsible club.

29/30-Apr-2006 - Sheffield Interregional - Well done to all the girls and coaches who took part this weekend. Dave McManus, Caroline Little, Amanda McLean, Rachael Bringloe and myself. And thanks to Jessica Smith and Abbey Oxley for their help on the 2 days. A lot of effort and time went in before this weekend and it really showed. These are the best results we have had for the girls in a number of years. The standard as ever was remarkable in both age groups. To see the best juniors from all over England playing with ability, enthusiasm and commitment is amazing and so to achieve these results is excellent, especially as most of our girls were very young for their groups. Most will be there again next year. U16 girls - 4th place out of 9 Regions. Against Yorkshire we won 2 sets to 0; Against West Midlands, won 2 sets to 0. Against South West narrowly lost in a very tense game 1 set to 2. Semi finals - against a very strong North West side we lost narrowly 0 sets to 2.  3rd/4th Play Off against South West, lost 0 sets to 2. The final set being extremely close. The squad consisted of girls from across the region: Vicky Archard - Conyers School, Sarah Bell - Acklam Grange School, Rebecca Brown - Nunthorpe Volleyball Club, Sarah Heptinstall - Conyers School, Kirsty Lang (capt) - Nunthorpe School/Nunthorpe Volleyball Club, Alex Laws - Consett, Sarah Naylor - Acklam Grange/ Nunthorpe VB Club, Rachel Powson - Acklam Grange/ Nunthorpe VB club, Polly Sewell - Conyers School, Rachael Walker - Acklam Grange School, Vicky Worrall - Nunthorpe Scholl/ Nunthorpe VB club.

The U14 girls played in the A and B competitions and the overall positions were taken into account for the final placings. We feel quite aggrieved here as the girls came 2nd in the A group and 3rd in the B group - coming level with a region that came 4th and 1st. On a very irregular count back we were put in overall 3rd position. I do not have the individual game results. The girls were Stephanie Dawson - Acklam Grange/ Nunthorpe VB club, Emma Gordon - Nunthorpe School/Nunthorpe VB club, Heather Grant - Acklam Grange School, Hannah Kent - Nunthorpe School/Nunthorpe VB club, Raychel Laws - Consett, Jenny Little - Marske Volleyball Club, Kirsty Martin - Nunthorpe School/Nunthorpe VB, Rachael McManus - Nunthorpe School/Nunthorpe VB, Clare Menzies - Marske Volleyball Club Amy Rout - Nunthorpe VB club, Alex Worrall - Nunthorpe School/Nunthorpe VB. It was also fantastic to see so many family/ friends travelling down to support us. Everyone, especially the players appreciated the support. I think we were louder than North West which made a pleasant change. The boys results will come in today. Martin Wain.

2-Apr-2006 - Loughborough University BASICS finals - both the Prior girls, and the Middlesbrough College boys won the British Colleges National finals. The girls won convincingly not dropping a set throughout the tournament, and winning the final 25 - 7, 25 - 9. The six that played in the final were Danielle Coulthard, Nicola Milburn, Amanda McLean(capt), Laura Wain, Emma White, Lauren Worrall: with Nicola James, Caitlin Pearson, Anne McTiernon, Catherine Walker and Claire and on the bench. The team was coached by Brian McLean. The boys game was a much closer affair. Playing in front of a packed hall (about 2000 people watching) they were a very nervous team, especially as sky sports were recording the game. They won the first set relatively easily, but were 7 - 0 down in the second set before they won a point. They gradually clawed their way back, and the set swung one way and then the other. The team finally took the set 25-22. The very relieved coaches Paul Watt and Craig Alderson were interviewed by Sky Sports at the end. Look for the report on the telly! The team consisted of Simon Harsley (capt), Andrew Yates, Alex McGill, Shaun Richardson, Anthony Duffy, James Fenwick and ANO (sorry, please let us know your name). The best thing about this team is that they will all (apart from Duffy) be back next year. The next thing for most of these players is a tour of Holland over Easter, playing for British Colleges. Well done to all - two great days of volleyball, and gold medals for Tees Valley volleyballers. Martin Wain

12-Mar-2006 - National U15 Girls - Nunthorpe U15 Girls Team - Kirsty Lang (Capt), Sarah Naylor, Rachael Powson, Becky Brown, Kirsty Martin, Rachael McManus, Emma Gordon & Amy Rout - Third place after losing to Tameside in the Semi Finals.

24-Feb-2006 - Haughton Volleyball Club Receive £4940 from Awards for All

Haughton Volleyball Club, are pleased to 'Announce' a successful funding application from Awards for All. The grant of £4940.00 will be used for equipment, coaching, facility hire and marketing etc!. Haughton Volleyball Club aims to promote and encourage volleyball in every way. The award will enable the group to provide additional sessions for young people.

12-Feb-2006 - North U15 Tournament - Runner's up in the Cup - Nunthorpe Eagles girls.

04-Feb-2006 - North U13 Tournament - Runner's up in the Cup - Nunthorpe Eagles girls Rachel McManus, Emma Gordon, Amy Rout and Hannah Kent.

N-Power Award for Leading Light nomination

Ian Berry - Volleyball

17-Nov-2005 - At the very prestigious Northern sports personality awards tonight, we were delighted to be present to see Ian Berry be presented not only as his category winner, but overall winner of the evening. This presentation was in front of approx 500 people (with personalities like Steve Gibson) who have achieved incredible heights in sport. A fantastic night for Ian and of course for volleyball in the North.

 Ian (middle) has been a total ambassador for the game of Volleyball in the North East of England for over 25 Years, with his contribution over this period  being nothing but remarkable. Starting playing back in the 70ís in what was then a virtual unknown sport here in the North East, Ian has over the period of time gain substantial experience not only in the game of Volleyball itself, but in strategic leader of the game.  He was so taken with the sport that almost the rest of his life he has dedicated to coaching, promoting, refereeing, encouraging and administering the sport. This along with representation on many national bodies eg Sport England, English Volleyball and various think tank groups, ensuring healthy well thought out targeted participation and mass promotion of the game in the North East in the particular areas of junior Volleyball.

 His enthusiasm took him into coaching in the early days and worked endlessly in teaching the game to numerous juniors in the North Tyneside area. As part of this drive Ian has coached his own children into Volleyball with his daughter Wendy playing at the highest level, as England Captain for a number of years in European competition.  His efforts have been tireless and inspiring to many of the players, coaches and officials across the North East and at International level. This has not gone unnoticed as Ian has been asked to sit on many groups not just for Volleyball (although these have been many) but his drive and knowledge has been recognised by Sport England who have enlisted his help and experience on many committees over the years, helping to set sport and in particular Volleyball high on the agenda.

 Ian has been instrumental in bringing a full time Development Officer to Volleyball, on more than one occasion to the North of England which allowed volleyball to penetrate schools across the region raising the profile. This required a very detailed business case outlining the benefits and specific targeted groups which all had to be pulled together and fully coordinated and approved by Sport England. Following this success and significantly raising the profile even higher Ian lead a successful bid to host an international here in the North East (first time outside London) in which both Volleyball, Education, Sport England and Industry were all embraced by Ianís endless efforts, initially coordinating the bid, then the actual organisation of the full international, liaising with the World body in ensuring the event was highly successful, and demonstrating to the country the Spirit of Sport.

 His love for the game and the enthusiasm that he has shown over the years has increased the sport to levels that once over would never have been heard of. With competition from Football, Rugby, Cricket along with Netball and Hockey through Ianís work Volleyball is common to most schools and with this platform has lead to strong leagues that now exist in Tyneside and Teesside which have been demanded due to the participation of youngsters playing recreational Volleyball. The region now has a very strong junior set up with many regional teams, which Ian promoted through the English Volleyball Association always competing in National tournaments with the region actually now being singled out for Sporting excellence by the English Volleyball Association, for good organisation and participation.

Bringing the unusual and striving for excellence has been a very common theme of Ianís success. Never waning, always pushing, turning up for every meeting where ever it is being held in the North of England and whatever the weather, drawing up comprehensive plans, policies, strategies, setting milestones, targets all in line with current thinking, always aiming at Junior involvement, both at National and Local levels. Ian was instrumental in a recent initiative in including Volleyball at a regional Summer School in Sunderland, in which he was involved in the management of in conjunction with Sport England and other partners.     

Although Ian has semi retired he still has a burning ambition to see and watch Volleyball continue to be a success in the future, and is still coaching Volleyball in the North Yorkshire, with a view to onward development. It goes without saying that Ian is a constant font of knowledge and source of support for the entire Volleyball community in the region, with advice and information and always making himself available to anyone who may require assistance. Ianís work, due to the time, effort and dedication has without doubt ensured the foundation and high degree of success the region has achieved , and will never be forgotten. Volleyball will be for ever grateful for his work in raising the profile of this game.

 Ken Maddison, TVVA Chairman


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