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This page contains answers to common questions about the club and the game of volleyball.


What are the rules of volleyball?

The detailed rules of the game are many and can be found by following the link to the FIVB site below. However the abridged rules here are enough to get you started:

Abridged Rules for Volleyball by Charlie Orton, EVA National Referee
Volleyball is a game played between two teams of at most 6 players.
Each team has a court 9m square separated by a net at 2.43m for men, 2.24m for women.
The object of the game is to play the ball over the net and make it land in the opponents court.  The ball cannot pass round the posts.
A rally is won if the ball lands in the opponents court, or is lost if the team fails to play the ball over the net, hit it out of court or a foul is committed.
The ball is played by hitting it with any part of the body. The contact with the ball must be a single hit, it must not be held or thrown.
Each team is allowed three hits before the ball must go over the net.  No player can play the ball to themselves.
A defensive block of an attack, by placing the hands above the net, does not count as a first hit.
No player can touch the net while playing the ball or during an attack.
Players must not cross into the opposing court.
Only the three players on front court, may make an attack hit or defensive block from above net height in the front 3m of the court.
The ball is put into play by a service.  This is performed by hitting the ball with hand or arm from behind the base line. During service the ball may touch the net. Only one service attempt is allowed.
The team who wins the rally scores a point.
If the non serving team win, they rotate positions clockwise on the court and the player moving to back court takes the next service.
The first team to score 25 points or more with a two point lead wins the set.
The first team to win 2 or 3 sets (according to the competition rules) wins the match.
Unsporting behaviour or arguing with the referee is a foul.
Full Rules available from the FIVB web site.

According to the FIVB:
The 27th FIVB World Congress adopted the changes to the Official Rules of the Game.  
No further modification to the rules will be made before 2004. 
The changes are to  be applied immediately in all official World and International Competitions as well as in all National competitions beginning on or before 1st January 2001 and become compulsory as from 1st January 2001.


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What are the dimensions of the court and net

The playing area:

The court:

The Net:

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What next....?

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