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Starting 2006/2007 season, in line with the League Rules, all our teams will be required to submit their match results with player information. This is to ensure the information supplied is as comprehensive as that on the match score cards.

Only reports submitted with the correct validation code will be accepted.

Match Results:

Note: All fields marked * must be completed for the form to submit

Reporter's Validation Code:                       *
(The information will not be accepted without this code. If you have lost this number, please contact us)

Match Date:*                             Division: *
(enter as DD/MM/YY)

Home Team: *                           Away Team:*

Winning Team:
*                         Rescheduled Date: (enter as DD/MM/YY)
If rescheduling a match, select RESCHEDULE in Winning Team box and enter the rescheduled date in the next box. Please also state the reason in the Report section.

Results: (if no scores are submitted, it will be assumed that each set was won by two clear points only)

Set 1: Home:   Away:       Set 2: Home:   Away:       Set 3: Home:   Away:  

Set 4: Home:   Away:       Set 5: Home:   Away:  

Claimed Fixture Details: (only complete this section if claiming a fixture)

Claimed Fixture: (enter reason - which League Rule violated)

Have you notified the other team of your claim?
 (if claiming a fixture the opponents must be notified)   

Name of person notified of claim:

Team Details:
Please enter all team player names and/or registration numbers. e.g. Fred Basset, 3001; Jonny English, 3789; etc.

Home Team Captain

Home Team Players

Away Team Captain*

Away Team Players


Please enter a short report:

Contact Details:
Please provide us with the following information in case we need to contact you and to verify the information:

Name:*                                     Phone:

E-mail:*                                                             Would you like a confirmatory email?


Please click the Submit button once only and wait a few seconds. 
If the submit is successful, after a few seconds you should see a confirmation page.




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