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TVVA League Rules - applicable from 2005/6 Season (ratified)

Note: Rules in red not being applied during the 2006/7 season.

  1. Before competing in any TVVA League or Competition the club must both be affiliated to the EVA and have paid required TVVA League and Competition fees.
  2. Teams are required to enter the League each season. Entry forms and fees are to be submitted to the TVVA League Secretary by the specified closing date. The TVVA will decide which Division new teams can enter.
  3. The playing rules that are applied will be those currently endorsed by the EVA.
  4. All players must be registered with the League Secretary prior to playing in any league or competition (each player will be assigned a TVVA Registration Number).
    1. One registration covers all competitions.
    2. For each team entered, at least 6 players must be registered for the entered team (i.e. a full squad).
    3. A player may only be registered for one club team but may, if attending a college, also be registered and play for one of the college teams registered with the TVVA (no such restrictions apply outside the TVVA). However, where match/tournament conflicts exist, the club team representation will have priority.
    4. For all league matches a minimum of 4 members of the registered team must be on court at all times. 
  5. Matches:
    a. All players names and/or TVVA Registration Number must be entered on the score card and submitted electronically when posting league match results via the web site.
    Players are to display a visible shirt number on the front & back in all league matches Division 2 and higher and in all competition matches.

  6. All league matches shall be of 5 sets duration using the ‘rally point’ in all sets up to 25 points (15 points for 5th set), with a 2 point lead and no cut off apart from the 5th set which will end at 17 points.
  7. All league matches must be played on the pre-arranged date specified by the TVVA League Secretary. Any changes to the fixture dates must be made to the TVVA League Secretary within 3 weeks of publication, together with the consent of the opposing team.
  8. League matches can only be postponed in the event of exceptional circumstances. Notification of the postponement and reason must be sent to the League Secretary within two weeks of the fixture date and a rescheduled date must be provided at that time. Otherwise the match will be Cancelled (see Rule 12) and neither team will gain any points.
  9. Unless both teams agree, matches shall not be scheduled to start before 6 pm.
  10. Any team arriving late & not on court ready to play 10 minutes later than the scheduled start time shall forfeit the 1st set. After a further 15 and 30 minutes the 2nd and 3rd set will also be forfeited. This applies to all TVVA League Matches.
  11. Warm - up time is a minimum of 10 minutes, provided the visiting team arrives on time.
  12. Cancellation - Matches can only be cancelled due to exceptional circumstances. In this case neither team will score any points for the cancelled fixture.
  13. Home team responsibilities are:
    1.  Confirming the fixture to the match opponents no later than 8 days prior to the specified date, which must include date, venue, warm-up time, start time and travel directions.


      1. All fixtures are to be played in the week they are scheduled unless the TVVA is advised of the rescheduled fixture within two weeks of the scheduled fixture date (use any contact method listed on this site). The rescheduled date has to be agreed by both teams. Failure to notify will result in the fixture being declared a Cancellation (see 12.) and neither team will gain any points.
      2. If the home team makes reasonable efforts but is unable to contact the away team to confirm the fixture, the home team may claim the fixture provided the details of the attempts are forwarded to the TVVA.
      3. If the home team fails to contact the away team, the away team may claim the fixture.
      4. In the event of a default to attend a fixture, the fixture may be claimed against the defaulter.
      5. Failure to notify the opponents of the inability to play a scheduled fixture at least three days (72 hours) prior to the scheduled fixture may be treated as a 'default' by the opponents and claimed accordingly.
    1. Ensuring that equipment is checked and playable prior to the fixture.
    1. Providing the venue, suitable equipment and officials. 
    2. Providing Officials which will consist of a Referee (see Rule 23) & Scorer as a basic minimum for any League match.
    1. Providing a visible score-board.
    2. Completing a score card which must be posted, or the results sent via phone or the TVVA website to the TVVA League Secretary within 5 days of match.
  1. League Points:
    1. Three points will be awarded for every match played and won.
    2. One point will be awarded for every match played but lost.
    3. League ranking will be in points order followed by sets won/lost difference and points won/lost difference.
    4. If a fixture is defaulted on, the defaulting team will gain no points and will be recorded as losing the match 3-0 with each set lost 25-0. The 'winning' team will be awarded 3 points.
    5. An un-played fixture will be recorded as a default for both teams and they will both score zero points.
  2. Promotion - The winning team of Div 1, 2 and Div 3 shall be eligible for promotion. The bottom team of Premier, Div 1 and Div 2 shall be eligible for relegation. The final decision regarding promotion/relegation shall be decided at the AGM of the TVVA Executive in consultation with the affected teams club committees.
  3. Play off’s - In the event of 2 or more teams being equal on completion of fixtures the League Secretary will arrange a play off if the affected teams so desire.
  4. Between seasons the TVVA Executive may need to adjust the Divisions to achieve a balance in the number of teams.  This may involve forced promotions or relegations.
  5. Players:
    1. No Player may play for more than one club within the TVVA Leagues with the exception as stated in Rule 4c.
    2. Team Captain’s/Coaches must include their team players full name, printed and their TVVA Player Registration Number on the match score card prior to the match commencing.
    3. A Premier Division registered player may not play in the 2nd or lower Divisions.  There is no restriction on players playing above their registered division.
  6. Club Discipline - Any club /team failing to conform to the rules of the association, league competition, or being consistently unreasonable shall forfeit league points, or even be expelled from the association and/or league, at the discretion of the TVVA Executive. In all cases the club or team concerned has the right to appeal in writing to the TVVA Chairman within 7 days of being notified of expulsion.
  7. Disputes - Teams are urged to make every effort to resolve and settle disputes between themselves at the time of the dispute.
  1. Both teams must inform the referee immediately after the match, that there is a dispute.
  2. If not resolved at the time, then the dispute must be referred to the TVVA League Secretary within 7 days of the disputed match date.
  3. A copy of the dispute will then be sent by the TVVA League Secretary to the opponents who then have a further 7 days to reply in writing to the TVVA League Secretary.
  4. The TVVA Executive has the right to settle all disputes subject to any appeal and including those not in the rules.
  5. Teams wishing to appeal must do so in writing to the TVVA Chairman within 7 days of being notified by the TVVA League Secretary decision.
  6. The TVVA Chairman will then convene a TVVA Appeals Meeting to resolve the appeal. This meeting will also include a representative from each club/team concerned.
  7. The TVVA Executive’s decision is final.
  1. Players may play for only one team in cup or tournament matches. After their first match, a player becomes cup-tied.
  2. Adult players (18+) may only play in their specified Division or higher, except as specified for Premier League players - see rule 18c.
  3. Referees: For Premier League matches the Referee must be independent of the clubs playing the match.


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