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Team Registration forms for 2017/18 Season have been sent out by email. If you require a form you can download one from the Downloads page (pdf format).......

Tees Valley and Volleyball in the UK
Teams in the Tees Valley have had a very successful 2017/18 season with Haughton National League side winning the Men's Division 3 (North) league so gaining promotion to Division 2 next season,  while the Middlesbrough Mavericks came in fifth just behind Boathouse. The Prior College Girls and Middlesbrough College Boys teams, made up primarily of local club players, both won the British Colleges National Finals on 2nd April at Loughborough University and many will go on to tour Holland over this Easter playing for British Colleges.  A young Nunthorpe U15 Girls side qualified for the National U15 Girls final in Worcester and came a commendable third. In November, Ian Berry was presented the N-Power Leading Light Award at the Northern Sports Personality  Awards, both as category and overall winner for his contribution to the sport for over twenty-five years.

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Events and Information Calendar
To keep you all up-to-date with forthcoming events for Tees Valley volleyball players we intend to use the Google Calendar. Just click the link below to take you to our calendar which will be updated ready for the 2017/18 season. If you obtain a Google Calendar of your own (free), you can add the TVVA information to it automatically and be reminded of events that interest you.

Volleyball UK BLOG RSS Feed: RSS
With Volleyball in the Tees Valley extending it's reach, we have created a BLOG for Volleyball in the UK.  Not only can  you read the latest headlines in the ticker below, but you can also join the BLOG and make your own contribution to the promotion of volleyball in the UK (and worldwide). If you have an RSS reader, you can also get the information delivered direct to your desk top. A good free reader is  available at http://www.rssreader.com/.

Volley BLOG

Tees Valley Volleyball Association
On these pages you will find the TVVA local league and match results as well as the fixture listings. Using the navigation buttons in the left hand column, you can access information on local clubs, web links to other sites, volleyball information, a picture gallery and much more. Please visit this site regularly and help it grow by contributing your volleyball news and information. We would like to publish match reports, links to other sites, event information, volleyball images and generally, all things volleyball! Please help, use the Feedback page or email to send your information for publication here. Also please consider joining our BLOG - see opposite for more details.

League Tables and Rules

The League Tables will be up-dated at least weekly as matches are played on different nights of the week. Matches have to be played during the week they are scheduled unless both teams agree to a rescheduled date and we are advised of the rescheduled date within two weeks of the original fixture date (you can use the 'Post Match Results' page to do this). Otherwise the fixture will be declared as a cancellation and neither team will score any points from the fixture. Exceptions: If the fixture is not played due to a failure of the home team to make contact with the away team, & we are advised accordingly, the away team can claim the fixture. Similarly, if the home team makes reasonable efforts, but is unable to contact the away team, the home team may claim the fixture. If any team defaults on the night of the fixture, the other team can claim the match. (Please see the League Rules for full details).

Player Register
Commencing 2017/18 season, under the League Rules, it is a requirement for all players to be registered with the TVVA. This list of registered players will be accessible to club committee members via this site through issue of a user name and password. The details collected will also help us build an age profile of players in the area and help in any funding applications.

League Tables - positions at a glance (abridged)

(For full league table details, use the navigation buttons)

League TablesFixturesPost Results

Match Reports and News

Photo Gallery
Do you have any digital photographs you would like to share? If so, why not have them published in the Gallery on the TVVA website? Just send them as an email attachment along with a little information regarding the image. However, please ensure before you send any image that you have copyright for the image and that you agree to its free distribution. Please also ensure you have the consent of the persons appearing in your image. If the image is from a tournament, you should have been asked to have signed for permission to take photographs.

Scroll through this in-line frame to find information on volleyball events in and around Tees Valley. If you have details you would like displayed here, please email.

Volley 123 is an EVA accreditation scheme to help new and existing clubs to develop and improve the way they operate and to establish procedures that need to be in place to ensure that good practice in club development work becomes standard across the country. This guidance helps club committees:

  • Create a responsible club

  • Create a safe club

  • Manage people

  • Develop for the future

  • Promotes their club

Click on the image to find out more....

English Volleyball Association National Leagues
National League is the top Volleyball Competition in England for Clubs. The Tees Valley have teams in the women's and men's Division 3 North leagues W3N (Tees Valley), M3N (Middlesbrough Mavericks). Follow these links to see how they are doing.

Nat'l LeagueW3NM3N

NEVA - North East Volleyball Association
The TVVA is part of the North East Volleyball Association (NEVA), our colleagues being the Tyneside Volleyball League. If you wish to find out more about them and their teams, please visit their web site.

TVVA Committee 2017/18
Chair: Ken Maddison
Treasurer: Ian Reid
Secretary: Dave Coates
Fixtures Secretary: Colin Gordon
Junior Coordinator: Martin Wain

Use the downloads page to retrieve TVVA related documents and forms. Most are published as PDF files so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free) to read them. Use the link below to down load the reader.

Get Adobe Reader


Email List
Please help us keep you up-to-date with TVVA information by submitting your current email address.  Enter your details here and we will add you to the mailing list. (This information will only be used by the TVVA for volleyball related purposes and not shared with anyone else).

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Website Notes:
The users of this website benefit from the ability to contact the committee & club members listed on this site. Where emails are provided and published, to help prevent detection by spam crawlers, all email addresses are cloaked to avoid detection.

Every attempt is made to ensure this site is up-to-date and that the information is accurate. However, the information is provided in good faith only and I will not be responsible for any inaccuracies. If you do find error(s) or problems with this site, please report them using the Feedback link and I will do my best to correct them.

This web site is best viewed with Internet Explorer and for full functionality uses some active components.

Webmasters Notes:
As new webmaster for the TVVA (2017), I welcome you. I hope you find the site useful and I appreciate any suggestions and comments that help me improve this website. As the webmaster of the Nunthorpe Eagles Volleyball Club, I have based the design of this site on the Nunthorpe web and duplicate or link to some of the pages constructed for the club on this site. This is so that I can use some of the functionality of the Nunthorpe Club hosting server for the TVVA site and also to make my life easier! Kind Regards, Colin Gordon

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